Path to Dakar 2024

November 26, 2023

Mason Klein steps up to the starting line, heart pounding. A sea of sand and rock stretches to the horizon—a landscape that pushes racers and their machines to their limits. He is barely old enough to buy alcohol or vote in the US,  but Mason Klein faces the challenge with a concentration and maturity beyond his years. He is well aware of the hidden danger he faces, but the excitement of pushing the throttle to full lock fuels his passion. This is the goal he has once again set for himself: the legendary Dakar Rally.

Mason’s fascination with the Dakar Rally began when he attended a KTM event in 2018. Just a few years later, he launched his own rally career.

Mason started his journey as a racer when he was 11. Competitive from a young age, Mason convinced his parents to let him race motocross and started off-road racing in 2011. He showed  early promise, and his skill and nerves of steel catapulted him up the racing ranks.  Mason turned professional at 15.

At his debut at the Sonora Rally in 2020, Mason faced some challenges but achieved solid results against tough competition.

The green-eyed Californian made his long-wished Dakar Rally dream come true in 2022. Despite a harsh 2-week, 9,000km marathon across the Saudi desert, the goal was clear: to cross the finish line. But Mason didn’t stop there. Due to the exceptional navigation skills and resilience, hard-won in previous rallies, Mason not only completed one of the world's toughest races—he won a stage, announcing his talent to the racing community.

Later that year, Mason showed the same grit and determination by winning inaugural Rally2 W2RC title, once again proving his status as one of rally-raid's rising stars. However, as an independent racer, he had trouble securing a ride for the 2023 season.

His determination and performance helped him overcome that obstacle and attract support from major players, including EffectiveSoft. We will be watching intently as this American fighter scales new heights at the 2024 Dakar Rally.