Rethinking the constructing progress monitoring system

November 24, 2023

AI Clearing, a breakthrough player in construction progress monitoring, delivers the innovative SaaS platform, AI Surveyor™ Engine. However, an aging database and the reliance on the off-the-shelf data visualization tool led to challenges that slowed down operations and prevented users from unlocking the full potential of their data. Their frontend also needed a major upgrade to enable better data interpretation.

That’s when EffectiveSoft stepped in with a clear mission: revitalize the database, replace the generic tool with a custom solution, and improve front-end capabilities. The EffectiveSoft team started by modernizing the database, laying a foundation for efficient data handling and geospatial analysis. Subsequently, we implemented a custom tool that overcomes the limitations of basic visualizations and is capable of highlighting all the nuances of complex construction datasets. The tool offers charts and filters tailored specifically to AI Clearing’s unique use cases. We then enhanced the front-end capabilities of the AI Surveyor™ Engine, ensuring that the goal—to make complex data easy to understand and streamline user decision-making—was met.

With these enhancements, the AI Surveyor™ Engine transforms geospatial data into strategic assets for the users of the platform, taking AI Clearing to the next level of construction management.