Enabling transformative eye diagnostics

November 25, 2023

Intelon Optics is advancing eye health with its groundbreaking Brillouin Optical Scanner System (BOSS) for biomechanical imaging. Seeking to develop the core instrument console, they chose us as their technology partner.

Our collaboration resulted in a solution with unprecedented ocular imaging capabilities. However, the journey wasn’t easy. 

The console presented complex challenges: it required precise scanning to pinpoint tissue issues, high-level customization for various examination patterns, robust data security to protect patient information and ensure compliance, and intuitive interfaces for eyecare professionals. Leveraging our multifaceted experience in software development, we developed innovative software from scratch. The multi-tier architecture and lightning-fast data exchange enable real-time tissue visualization, while advanced protection mechanisms safeguard sensitive data. Now, ophthalmologists are harnessing the capabilities of ocular imaging for revolutionary diagnostics.

The precise biomechanical assessments help eye-care professionals detect issues earlier, customize treatment, and improve outcomes while patients benefit from personalized advanced-level care. Our collaboration with Intelon Optics created a new chapter in eye health, driven by technological innovation.